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My Great Predecessor : Joseph Henry Blackburne

Joseph Henry Blackburne was a British chess player. Nicknamed “The Black Death”, he dominated the British scene during the latter part of the 19th century.

Blackburne learned the game at the relatively late age of 17 or 18, but he quickly became a strong player and went on to develop a professional chess career that spanned over 50 years. At one point he was one of the world’s leading players, with a string of tournament victories behind him, and popularised chess by giving simultaneous and blindfold displays around the country. Blackburne also published a collection of his own games.

Below are few puzzles named after Joseph Henry Blackburne

Ans: 1…… Qg2+ 2. R×g2 Nh3#

Ans: 1.Rh1+ kg8 2. Nf6+ g×f6 3. B×f6 Ng6 4. f×g6 f×g6 5. B×d5+ Rf7 6. Rh8#

Ans: 1….. Q×f2+ 2. Kh1 Qg1+ 3. R×g1 Nf2+ 4. Kg2 Bh3#

Ans: Q×f4 B×f4 2. R×h5 g×h5 3. R×h5 1-0

Ans: 1…. Qa6 2.g4 (2.c×b4 Q×c4 + 3. Bc3 Q×a2) Q×a2 3. Be3 ( 3.c×b4 Qa1#) B×c3 1-0

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